50/50: Critique, choosing the best 3 and refinement

Peer critique.

Generally people liked from row 1 to 3, 1-left, 2-middle and 3-right. But in the 3rd row some thought the one on the right looked too much like the tumblr t. So, people thought the one in the middle looked more interesting.

I really liked the one on the left (in row 3) but the letters were too obvious and some people just didn’t like the straight edges and angles.


I ended up choosing these. At this point I ‘cheated’ a bit (by fiddling with individual anchor points) to fix finicky parts that just didn’t work no matter what I tried.

The top row is ‘after messing with the anchor points’ and the bottom row is the ‘before’.typefinal31.png

^ For example, in the middle of ‘before’, the dot in the ج just refused to match with the e. So I used this new trick I learnt:

object>compound path>release

And got that neat circle in the top one. Neat trick.

Most of my fiddling was to do with reducing the white background by making my black letters fill it out more.

I couldn’t just increase the size of the letter because it would ruin the overall composition (that took ages to get right).


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