Starting off 50/50: getting to know types

I have to have 90 experiments AT LEAST for next week…

Minimum 30 for each set (arabic/arabic, latin/latin, arabic/latin)fonts
^ Got used to the way all the letters in a certain typeface looked like in FontExplorer.

⌄ Found it easier to type out the arabic alphabet once, copy it 10 times and assign one of the approved typefaces to each. It shows the letters individually, without being connected to any adjacent letter.

arabic type.png

⌄ This way I can copy any letter I need for an experiment and turn the copy into an outline (instead of changing the keyboard to arabic, typing the letter, going and finding and choosing the font I need) – Lazy People Solutions.
matching type.png

Also, approximately 30 of those 90 should be done for after tomorrow…


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